Elle Valera has been in front of the camera and onstage as a singer, musician, and actor since her childhood. Outside of modeling and blogging, Elle is an operatic coloratura soprano, performing in operas, concerts, and festivals across the country under a stage name. During her decade of musical training, Elle also ran a photography business, working with fellow musicians, actors, and models behind the lens.

Transitioning to modeling was a natural step in the evolution of Elle’s career, having been a longstanding dream since her youth. Based in California and represented by Bicoastal Management in LA, Elle’s decision to model was fueled by her desire to contribute to the fast-growing body positivity movement, which has started to change the attitude towards womens’ bodies in fashion and pop culture at large.

Elle intends to collaborate with fellow activists, models, musicians and companies that stand for women’s rights, body diversity, and health at any size, creating a more accepting world for the women of tomorrow. With a passion for aesthetics, fashion, feminism, beauty, lifestyle, health, and the anti-dieting movement, she will be blogging every step of the way.